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2012/12/18 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Nissan Revamps Infiniti Model Names to Start With Q, QX

Nissan Motor Co. (7201)’s Infiniti, lagging larger German and Japanese luxury brands, is rechristening its models with names starting with Q and QX as the company seeks a bigger share of the premium auto market.

‘Simple Names’

“The new naming strategy reminds people of BMW and Volvo, whose sedans and coupes have simple names, with crossovers adding the letter X,” said
Takeshi Miyao, managing director at market researcher Carnorama Japan. “Nissan is now focusing on the crossover vehicles in North America so it’s better for it to have distinguishable names from standard models.”


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2012/11/19 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Subaru Trumps Toyota as Market Rewards China Shutout

Fuji Heavy (7270) Industries Ltd. President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga has become a market darling for something he failed to do: build a factory in China.
The maker of Subaru cars, the only major Japanese auto brand without a plant in the world’s largest vehicle market, has jumped 83 percent in Tokyo trading this year for the biggest gain on the Nikkei 225 Stock Average. (NKY)

'Territorial Dispute'

The decades-old territorial dispute, involving a group of islands called Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, was reignited in April, when then-Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara, a longtime critic of China, proposed buying the territories. Though anti-Japan protests have subsided in China, tensions continue to simmer.
Japan’s main opposition leader, Shinzo Abe, said Nov. 15 he will boost control of the islands should his Liberal Democratic Party win next month’s elections. China filed a formal diplomatic protest after Abe met with the Dalai Lama Nov. 13 and called for democracy in Tibet. Polls show the LDP may win the national vote, returning Abe to the premiership.
Fuji Heavy may need to be more aggressive in expanding its manufacturing capacity in North America to capitalize on the growing demand for its vehicles, said
Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at market researcher Carnorama Japan.


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2012/11/15 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Nissan Weighs Mexico for Next North America Plant

Nissan Motor Co. (7201), Mexico’s largest automaker, will consider the country along with the U.S. for a new North American factory to meet demand in both nations, Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn said.
“We will need capacity in North America and yes, there is a high probability that in the future we will be announcing a new plant in Mexico or in the U.S.,” Ghosn told reporters in Mexico City yesterday, without providing a timetable for the decision.
Nissan is already building its third plant in Mexico, breaking ground in July on the $2 billion factory in the central state of Aguascalientes. The Yokohama, Japan-based automaker boosted production in Mexico by 16 percent to more than 583,000 vehicles in the first 10 months of this year, according to the Mexican Automobile Industry Association.

'Sentra, Versa Models'

Nissan makes such models as the Sentra and Versa in Mexico. It is also investing 2.6 billion reais ($1.3 billion) to build a plant near Rio de Janeiro with a production capacity of 200,000 units that’s scheduled to open in 2014. Demand in the U.S. “is recovering but not yet to the level before the 2008 financial crisis,” said
Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at research firm Carnorama Japan in Tokyo. “Considering the U.S. demography and economy, the demand may keep recovering, so Nissan’s capacity in North America will not be enough and it’s necessary to have another plant.”


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2012/09/06 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Sumitomo Electric Makes Aluminum Bet as Automakers Shed Weight

Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (5802), the world’s second-largest maker of wire harnesses in cars, is preparing to start selling an aluminum-based product that may help the company vie for the lead in the market.
“We’re near the point where the quality is high enough and we can make final safety checks,” Senior Managing Director Mitsuo Nishida, who oversees Sumitomo’s auto-related business, said in an interview last week in Nagoya. The material is strong enough to be used in the engine area of a car and is lighter than the copper wiring commonly used, he said.
Sumitomo Electric is betting aluminum-based harnesses, which are cheaper than traditional copper-based products, will help the company challenge market leader Yazaki Corp. as automakers seek lighter parts. Aluminum may reduce the weight from wiring by about 20 percent, helping carmakers produce lighter, more fuel-efficient vehicles, Nishida, 64, said.

“This is a technological breakthrough and the impact should be big,”
Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at consulting company Carnorama in Tokyo, said by telephone. “Carmakers are eager to reduce a car’s weight even by a single gram.”


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2012/07/19 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋





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2012/06/29 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Posco Joins Toyota Top Supplier Group, Challenging Nippon Steel

Posco (005490) became the first non-Japanese steelmaker to enter a group of Toyota Motor Corp. (7203)'s closest suppliers, rivaling domestic auto-sheet providers, including Nippon Steel Corp. (5401)
The Japanese unit of the South Korea’s biggest steelmaker was formally accepted into the Kyohokai, whose 222 members are the top 1 percent of the carmaker's suppliers, group spokesman Nakaji Honda said. Posco started supplies to the Japanese factories of Asia’s No. 1 carmaker in 2009 and its plants in Indonesia and India in 2003.

The weakening won has made South Korean products cheaper than Japanese goods, giving Posco an edge over its Japanese rivals weighed down by the rise in the yen. Being part of the top suppliers group will enable Posco to win steady orders from Toyota, which is lifting production in emerging economies, said
Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at a research firm Carnorama Japan. “Toyota is undergoing a paradigm shift in purchasing by breaking up its existing supply chain as it looks for ways to lower production costs,” Miyao said. “Posco’s entry will have a negative impact on Japanese steelmakers.”


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2012/06/28 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋

6月28日(ブルームバーグ):トヨタ自動車の主要サプライヤーで構成する任意団体「協豊会」は、韓国勢として初めて、鉄鋼メーカーのポスコ の入会を認めた。ウォン安などの恩恵を受けるポスコとトヨタの取引関係が強まることで、新日本製鉄やJFEホールディングスなど日本の鉄鋼会社には逆風になる可能性もある。






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2012/04/26 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋

4月26日(ブルームバーグ):ダイハツ工業の三井正則副社長は26日、トヨタ自動車との協業に関して、軽自動車「ミラ イース」のOEM(相手先ブランドによる生産)供給を近々実施し、乗用車「カムリ」ハイブリッドをOEM供給で近々受ける予定と大阪府池田市の本社で述べた。



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2012/04/18 日経 Automotive Technology 3月号
【日経 Automotive Technology 3月号】

日経Automotive Technology 3月号 P.138 【コンサルタントの視点】に、弊社代表の寄稿記事が掲載されました。

(3)米GM社、米Ford Motor社、米Chrysler社、ドイツVolkswagen社など世界の大手自動車メーカーが積み上げた長い歴史の中で、サプライチェーンが確立していること。

以下、『日経Automotive Technology』2012年3月号に掲載


2012/04/09 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Mazda Asset Sales Loom for Japan Unprofitable Automaker

Should Mazda Motor Corp. (7261) dump the Hiroshima Carp?
Two weeks after selling $1.8 billion in new stock to replenish its depleted capital, Japan’s only unprofitable automaker said last month it will sponsor the All-Star baseball game in July. Mazda is the only Japanese carmaker to own control of a team in the league and also has a professional soccer club, a hospital and more than $5 billion in land.

‘Fanatical’ Fans

Mazda is also increasingly turning to Sumitomo Corp. (8053) and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. (8316) for financial aid after Ford Motor Co. cut its stake in Mazda to 3.5 percent in 2010 from 33 percent in 2008, dismantling an alliance spanning three decades. Mazda said in June it plans to stop making sedans at a Michigan plant shared with Ford since 1992.
“It will take time for Mazda to expand overseas because Ford has taken care of such tasks for a long time,” said
Takeshi Miyao, an analyst at a research firm Carnorama Japan. “I doubt Mazda really means to stay in Japan. Foreign production may increase gradually after a few years.”


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2012/02/06 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋
Mitsubishi Motors to End Europe Production

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. (7211) will stop making cars in Europe at the end of this year, underlining growing excess capacity in the region as demand slackens amid the government-debt crisis.
The Tokyo-based carmaker will end production of the Colt compact car and the Outlander sports-utility vehicle at its only European factory in Born, the Netherlands, at the end of 2012, it said in a statement today. Mitsubishi said it will continue shipping cars to Europe from Thailand and Japan.
Car demand in Europe has been declining since 2007, as the region’s debt crisis followed the global recession, sapping consumer confidence. Deliveries may fall to about 13 million vehicles this year, marking the fifth straight annual drop, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“In ending production in Europe, Mitsubishi is taking its first steps to concentrate production in places like Thailand that are selected as export hubs,” said
Takeshi Miyao, a Tokyo- based analyst at industry researcher Carnorama. “Demand in Europe is slipping, so they may have chosen to end production there first.”


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2012/01/31 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋





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2012/01/12 BLOOMBERG-NEWSより抜粋

日本自動車輸入組合が11日に発表した昨年1年間の車名別輸入車新規登録台数によると、日産自は前年比86%増の5万269台。東日本大震災で国内勢の生産が滞る中、販売を伸ばしたメルセデスベンツやBMWを抜き、一昨年の4位から2位に躍り出た。首位のフォルクスワーゲン(VW )の同8.4%増の5万635台と僅差になっている。



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