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NEW CORONAVIRUS: N95 Medical Masks & Procurement support

CARNORAMA has a global team in Europe, Japan, China, Asia and North America, and provides global market information for the automotive industry. Against for the worldwide outbreak of the new coronavirus, we will start to activate our relation network to support the procurement of materials necessary for medical measure since 6th Aprl.  In particular, we will provide procurement information for people who need more advanced specifications, such as medical professionals. If you need supplies, please email us as below.

* Because this project is started to give helps to the Automotive industry, please understand that we will stop dealing with the company if it is with the intention of flipping the masks.

Stock list at 11:55am 10/07/2020

Product Maker / Specs Appendix
Surgical mask (Vietnam)  EU CE , 4K/unit MIN 500K in stock
KN95 Masks (Vietnam) Standerd: KN95, FDA, CE 500K in stock
N95 Masks (China) Standerd: NIOSH N95, FDA 500K in stock
3M 9105 N95 Masks Standerd: N95 US NIOSH FDA 100K in stock
Protection Gowns (For Medical) UNI-EN, FDA (MOQ 100 pcs.)  30K in stock
Face shields please contact ASK
Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves please contact ASK
      *Each products are tight stock in Japan, and will be ordered from overseas.
      *The quantity, unit price and delivery date that can be secured will change
at any time, so please contact us anytime.


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